Philadelphia Flyers 2019-20 Fantasy Projections

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Every year we patiently wait for the start of the hockey season. It always takes an eternity, but some of us manage to find solace in fantasy hockey preparation. The month of September is usually a busy one for fantasy hockey players, as they get ready for their draft by scouting players on various websites, reading a multitude of magazines or even articles by the pros. Fantasy hockey is not always taken lightly, whether you’re playing for money, bragging rights, or both. Here are my first ever predictions for the Philadelphia Flyers. Continue reading “Philadelphia Flyers 2019-20 Fantasy Projections”

Top 20 Flyers Prospects

Credit: Matt Woolverton

Writing about prospects is always endless fun. The Philadelphia Flyers’ pool of young talent has been one of the deepest in the league for years, and even with guys like Provorov, Konecny, Patrick, and co. being promoted to the NHL, it still remains incredibly deep. After The Athletic’s Charlie O’Connor and Alexander Appleyard posted their top 20 prospects, it inspired me to make a list of my own for once. So let’s take a look, shall we? Continue reading “Top 20 Flyers Prospects”