Revisiting the Flyers’ First Round Draft Picks Since 2015

Credit: Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Drafting has been one of the Flyers’ strong suits over the years. In the last five drafts, the team has had some hit & miss picks, so I decided to team up with Alexander Appleyard from The Athletic to revisit these picks. We will discuss if they were the right choice at the time and if those picks still hold up in 2020. Continue reading “Revisiting the Flyers’ First Round Draft Picks Since 2015”

How Kevin Hayes Impacted the Flyers

Credit: Kathleen Malone-Van Dyke

If we turned the calendar back to the summer of 2019, we would be seeing a lot of harsh comments about Kevin Hayes on social media. After all, he did receive a huge payday from the Philadelphia Flyers when he signed a 7-year, $50 million contract and never appeared to produce enough to be worth that kind of money. However, statistics can often be misleading when evaluating a players’ impact and role on a team.

Ever since the contract was signed, there have been a lot of reasons to love the deal, and we’re going to take a look at them. Continue reading “How Kevin Hayes Impacted the Flyers”